Macrina Bakery Squash Harvest Loaf

A few questions that we hear very often from those who are trying to control their weight.

Based on the wrong impression that is usually created for them by carbohydrates and their role in weight loss diets, where it is believed that only diets without pasta, bread, rice and cereal will have the desired effect.(1) of all the myths about carbohydrates, bread is always the lightest goal and the usual culprit due to excess weight.

There is, however, a direct answer; Of course, there is, but it is created for everyone, for daily needs and habits. Let’s get some basic things on bread. Bread was a determining factor in the creation of early human societies. From the Western half of Asia, where grain began to grow, it spread to the North and West, to Europe and North Africa. This in turn led to the creation of cities and more complex forms of social organization.

It is the basis of nutrition for most peoples and part of both culture and religion.

There are many different types of bread, depending on the flour, containing a fact that affects the nutritional value. In Greece we mainly have the following: White bread: Made from wheat flour that contains only the Central kernel of the grain (endosperm). Processing white flour involves removing seeds from germs and bran, losing i.e. fiber, vitamins, and iron, and adding paint to make it look bright white. Still, packaged white bread has a high percentage of sugar and salt, which combined with the above make it a rather unhealthy choice.

Brown bread: made from flour, which is obtained from the endosperm and 10% bran.

It can also be indicated on white bread with the addition of a pigment (often a caramel dye) to make coffee, so you need to pay attention to the food label.

Whole wheat bread: Contains whole wheat grains (endosperm, bran, germ) and is therefore rich in fiber and vitamins. A piece of bread: it is rich in fiber, vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients. On its behalf, we understand that it is prepared from various types of cereals, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, millet seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

Country bread: Made from flour that is made exclusively from durum wheat, and has a Golden yellow color. Bread: Made from corn flour, which is made by grinding corn and has a bright yellow color . It does not contain gluten, so it is a good alternative for people with celiac disease if it does not have a different type of flour.

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