Black Forest Buns – deliciousness!

Who said that if you want to reject your favorite dishes?

Be prudent and choose the healthiest bread to enjoy its faithful carbs, without remorse, for the line of you! Followed the 1/10 rule. It is one of the basic rules that you should keep in mind when buying bread. « For every 10 gr. carbohydrates, should contain 1 g. fiber,  » says nutritionist Rebecca Lewis. You should always buy from coarse flour

Many people think that whole-grain bread is healthier because it contains fewer calories. Wrong! Usually contains the same or identical calories. The difference is that flour contains dietary fibers that help with feeling full and eliminate constipation.

Go to the bakery next door

Breads that can be found on supermarket shelves often contain a lot of preservatives, sugar, etc. other materials that don’t necessarily contain bread. Go to the oven to find the cleanest and most delicious bread with Mona ingredients flour, yeast and water.

Choose the smart alternative. Choose a bread made from flour or coconut flour if you want to get rid of the » empty  » calories of white bread and increase the amount of fiber that is sold. Combined bread with well greasy. Dip the bread in olive oil, make avocado toast, or hold out a dash of tahini over it. Good such fat will be in χορτάσουν, will be in full of nutrients, and can stop eating constantly slices of bread.

The more black, the better

Like black bread, the more antioxidants it contains. Experiment with quinoa flour and buckwheat, and added seeds like τσία and Flaxseed to get additional nutrients. Choose smart sauces for you. Instead of mayonnaise or some other heavy sauce, I decided to spread something lighter on the sandwich, like hummus or mustard. Thus, it will be reduced in many calories and fatty snacks.

Replaced with croutons

Do you like the herbs that are added to a salad? Replaced with almonds to win the taste and… lose in simple carbs!Put a basket of bread in the tavern and in the restaurant and looked at the bread like a star, what is it! Enjoy burgers, sandwiches and toast, and don’t waste calories on simple and often tasteless giveaways.

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