My favorite way to cook Butternut Squash Bread – Recipe

You may have heard that the Mediterranean Diet is the perfect food model until today! At the heart of, well, the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet are flour, an integral part of which is our favorite bread.

How important bread is in our diet;

Bread is usually consumed on a daily basis than most of the population and is one of the body’s main sources of energy, as well as having a high nutritional value and containing a good amount of carbohydrates. Remember that carbohydrates are based on their glucose, and therefore are the main « fuel » of our body!

For this reason, it is recommended to eat daily, in the case of us. If you think that the energy that our diet gives us within 24 hours, 50-55% of this is good to be obtained from carbohydrates, you understand that no one is not in vain at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet! Of course, these carbohydrates can be obtained, with the exception of bread, and from other sources, such as rice, pasta, potatoes, or from non-starchy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

What is the nutritional value and what does it offer us;

Let’s look, but more closely, at its nutritional value of bread… This is a very nutritious food, as it is rich in fiber, which helps both to increase satiety and smooth operation of the digestive system. It is also an important source of carbohydrates, containing proteins and b vitamins such as thiamine and Niacin. A common phenomenon is the enrichment of flour, which is used in the production of bread with calcium, iron and vitamins, which makes it one bread, as an important source of calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. Bread is a source of salt intake in our diet, but does not contain significant amounts in relation to other foods if consumed in reasonable amounts. In the table below, you can view the content of certain foods in salt.

So, we see that the amount of what bread contains is not large compared to other products, and we come to the conclusion that the amount that creates problems for us. Finally, people who have high blood pressure and should avoid foods that contain salt can choose bread that is low in salt. How to consume bread; As part of a balanced diet, it is good to eat a measure of all our dietary options. In addition to the quality of bread, it is important to calculate the quantity of goods! This applies to both bread and other foods like meat, milk, pasta, etc. it

Doesn’t make sense to focus on a specific food, but you need to look at the total calorie intake during the day!

As for bread and carbohydrates in General, however, it is good not to lose the total amount of carbohydrates during the day. You can easily do this by including 3 different food groups in your diet, i.e. a combination of one of the starchy foods (for example.x. pasta, rice, bread, beans, potatoes), one source of protein (meat, chicken, fish, cheese, dairy products), and vegetables. Some examples:

A simple and practical way to do this is to fill a plate for each, mainly lunch in half a plate (1/2) with vegetables, ¼ plate with protein (meat, chicken, fish, egg, cheese, dairy products), and the remaining ¼ with carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread or breadcrumbs). So you can easily « μπούσουλα » so as not to get away in numbers… and remember, if you have pasta or potatoes on your plate, for example, you have refrained from adding bread!

The nutritional value of bread depends largely on the flour that is used for its production, as well as the degree of processing in the production process. The ingredients and food components of bread differ depending on the type (white, black, slice, etc.). For example, bread made from coarse flour contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals, because wheat processing does not remove the germ and bran, as it does in the case of white.

This is important, well, we pay attention to the type of bread that we choose, so that the benefits for our body!

Different types of flour are used to make bread, which greatly affect the nutritional value of the bread, and also determine the ingredients and nutritional elements. So let’s just look at the details, types of bread and nutritional value! To make this bread, coarse flour is used, which is made from whole wheat grains, including germs and πίτουρου. Bread made from coarse flour has a higher content of fiber, b vitamins, vitamin E, and minerals from ordinary

At this point, it’s good to know that not all black bread is made from coarse flour. In some cases, black bread is prepared by mixing white flour and πττουρου. In this case, this white flour is not included in the bleaching process, and so along with the addition of minimal bran, the bread becomes brown, without being made from coarse flour.

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