Banana Coconut Bread Pudding with Bailey’s Sauce!

What « normal » bread;

« Normal » bread is so-called black, that is, from whole grains! White processed. On the market, of course, there is black bread that is not whole-grain, but a color has been added to the color of it. Make sure that what you are buying is solid. If the boxed package always contains the term « whole grain », to be sure. The wholegrain consists of raw wheat with all the bark content where they are found and most of the vitamins and trace elements. Of course, do not forget the fiber content.

Bread is finally getting fat; Why do people who  » cut  » bread lose weight …;

This is mainly due to the fact that people who do not consume bread do not consume a lot of cheese or butter. How much cheese can someone eat without bread? And with butter, if not, a little bread to “have” is unlikely to be consumed, someone butter in a salad or in a meal. For those who even bread and butter is a great treat, the lack of bread will reduce significantly and the oil they consume.

So, it seems that it is not a lack of bread that leads to weight loss, but a decrease in the consumption of foods that are rich in fiber. Of course, for people who have consumed a very large amount of bread, it makes sense to remove it from the diet to help in weight loss. How much can they eat black bread;

It’s a matter of taste. The H crumb gives a sweet taste to the bread, while the crust makes it a little harder. There is no other reason to remove crusts from bread. However, many extract the crumb because they consider it the most παχυντική, but in fact it has about the same calories as the bark. The bark is more digestible and has a higher glycemic index? therefore, I prefer it if you have digestive problems or hypoglycemia.

Contains chemical additives.;

The flour has a yellowish color and is difficult to knead. In order to become, well, suitable for kneading, various bleaches are added and διογκωτικά to get a white color to make the dough more elastic and the bread to be fluffy. All these substances are used in order to improve the flour known preservatives E. this applies, of course, more for packaged and not for bread that we buy from the oven, where there is usually no reason to have preservatives. As for packaged bread, read more about the preservatives contained in processed bread, i.e. in white.

Among other organic products, you will find natural bread in the stores. It is free of chemicals and preservatives. Bakers keep it, naturally, before consuming it. It is usually used to produce tough whole wheat. Organic bread can be found in organic food stores and in various ovens. Biological bread has a shorter shelf life.

How will it be supported;

Do not put bread in the refrigerator, because moisture spoils it. Store closed at room temperature. If you want to keep for a long time, place the wrapped well in the freezer. This is not very easy to understand if the bread has been spoiled, as shown by the mold, which is easy to distinguish.

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