How To Make Challah Bread – Recipe

The great nutritional value of bread is evident in all food pyramids.

Bread, like all foods that have cereals as a base, is a significant source of carbohydrates and can be included daily in the diet. It is scientifically proven that consuming bread is a particularly healthy option because it contains many nutrients such as:

Plant fibers that are essential for good digestion and intestinal function. Starch, which is the body’s « fast » energy source. Proteins that promote muscle function and increase the feeling of fullness, i.e. saturation. The benefits of bread are multiplied when made with natural sourdough and flour from the grain. which is a separate cereal, very rich in protein, fiber, vitamins B1, B6, and minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, and phosphorus.

The specific nutrients of bread with grain work well and help to strengthen the heart, immune system, and bones, as well as to increase muscle mass and eliminate fatigue. Bread with δίκοκκο grain is a food that can be consumed throughout the day, either for Breakfast with honey or tahini at a loud start, or accompanying lunch, or as a sandwich or light dinner (like bruschetta), but also in combination with other foods that are high in nutrients, such as cheese, olives, egg or salad (for example.x. the cherry tomatoes).

The choice of bread slices with a grain that we can find easily in every supermarket is the easiest to use, directly accessible and practical option in order to enjoy fresh every moment of every day. Tips to enjoy bread:

  1. I prefer sliced bread with flour from wheat (wheat or whole grain), which I always have in my locker to control the amount of bread that agrees and at the same time take all the nutritional benefits of wheat (high in plant protein, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, vitamins E, B and fiber).
  2. I have a lot of « βούτες » in salad oil, as it adds at least 50kcal.
  3. I eat black bread, so I run away in quantity, but I combine with 5-6 olives, cheese or salad.
  4. Such combinations reduce the glycemic index of bread due to the high content of healthy fats (monounsaturated), protein and fiber. So feel completely with less for a long time.

Thus, as we take care, our food is always carefully prepared with high nutritional value, so we choose our bread to be separate, with individual, unique advantages for your organization for example, this is what gives us the grain.

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