Vanilla Sugar Sweet Bun Recipe

Bread is considered by many to be one of the most important human products. Most Dodge not to be fat, but also because we believe it offers us « empty » calories. Bread, however, is very useful and should be placed in the diet if you want to lose weight or not.

All dietary supplements that were developed at the time put bread on their basis, which means that bread can and should be on a daily basis in the diet. Together with other cereals, it is one of the main sources of carbohydrates, nutrients that must represent at least 50% of the daily energy consumption, providing the body with energy, plant fibers, b vitamins, especially folic acid, protein and iron, substances necessary for the functions of our body.

But which bread is the most suitable;

Bread with unhealthy modernizing substances that cause damage in the human body consumes 95% of Greeks, while only 5% eat « healthy bread ». This was shown by the research of the Hygiene Laboratory of the Medical Faculty Of the University of Ioannina, with researchers of Professor Igor Δημολιάτη and trainee pediatrician Martha Χαρίση. The study included 25 bakeries and flour suppliers.

« The conclusion is that the percentage of wholemeal bread (type 100) is a maximum of 4% or 5.4% if added to type 90 bread, or 6.4% if added to a piece » indicates C. Δημολιάτης. « This is half the amount that the British used in 1975 (10%). We, that is, the situation is worse than those before 20-25 years, and today the British are in 49%»

The highest percentage of flour used by bakers (at 51%) and sold by suppliers (50.6%) is type 70, plain white bread. In « whole flour » is represented only in 4.1%, in σικάλεως 2.1%, press 90 1.3%, in multi-grain 1%, stick 1%, semolina 0.8%, in corn 0.4% of bakers. Bread improvers are used by 84% of bakers. Most also use yeast and προζύμια in various combinations. Rye flour is NOT necessarily made from whole grains! Their other flour, regardless of the cereals from which they come (wheat, barley, rye, etc.), differ in the following categories :

Type 100 (whole). From flour, it does not remove anything. Contains that is, 100% of the fruit and has a higher nutritional value, because it contains all the bark and endosperm of the fruit. Thus, valuable for vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber. Used for whole-flour bread, which is the most wholesome bread, and thus a real bread. »»​

Type 70 (εβδομηντάρι). He removed 30%, almost without bran. This is flour, which is used to make ordinary white bread. Type 55 (πενηνταπεντάρι). He removed 45% of the fruit. It is used for bread, which, tragically, is called « high class », as well as for toast and toast. This is the most harmful to the health of bread. You see, another name and another grace…

The percentage of nutrients that we lose when the coarse flour is ground and becomes white flour: out of 25 it is the nutrients that are removed when the coarse flour is ground in the αλευρόμυλους and becomes white flour, a small number is replaced by chemicals. The most popular types of bread that circulate on the market

White bread: Made from flour that contains the heart of wheat (endosperm).

Brown bread: made from flour, which is obtained from the endosperm and from 10% to 30% bran. It can also be indicated on white bread with the addition of a pigment (often a caramel dye) to make coffee.

Whole wheat bread: Contains ( in theory at least..)total grain of grain (endosperm, bran, germ). A piece of bread: It is about the high nutritional value of bread, rich in fiber, vitamins, amino acids and nutrients…provided that everything is done correctly ( which I very much doubt).In its name, we understand that it is prepared from various types of grain, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, millet seeds, poppy seeds, and other grains. Country bread: Made from flour that is made exclusively from solid grains and has a Golden yellow color.

Bread: Made from corn flour, it has an intense yellow color, soft texture and delicious flavor.

Rye bread:Made from rye flour, which has a high fiber content, many common types of bread, and is often darker in color. May have a light or dark color, depending on the type of color that is used and.. add paint, and is usually denser than bread made from wheat flour, while it has more fiber than white bread.

Finally, white or black?

Bread that is made from other coarse flour, black or from coarse flour, that is, preferably from “white  » bread that contains much less (food) fiber. Rye bread is no better than wheat bread, if not from coarse flour. One wheat bread made from coarse flour is much better than regular rye bread.

Also, what is circulating more and more, the latter is a piece of bread that is made from a mixture of flour and often contains seeds, such as sunflower seeds, whole grains, or even nuts or other nuts. All this can increase the energy value of bread, but at the same time significantly increase the nutritional value, mainly protein. As a rule, the more « dark“, as the more” heavy » it is some bread, the more nutritional value it has.

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