How do you serve panettone as a dessert?

Cake is one of the favorite recipes, big and small, for this let’s see how we can have the most delicious cake in the world!

Pay attention to the below to make a delicious cake:

All materials that will be used in the cake, they must be at room temperature. Eggs, dairy products, butter, if the recipe asks for something else. And this is because frozen λίπαρά, you can make the mixture strikes.-In order to deliver quickly at a temperature of δωμάτιου eggs, dip in hot water for 15 minutes. Attention hot water not boiling.-In order to quickly deliver the oil to room temperature, I cut it into pieces and leave it for 10 minutes near the hot spot.

Flour and διογκωτικά (baking powder, soda) should be κοσκινισμένα, if possible, and twice, so that we have a more fluffy effect. As a rule, we use flour that is inflated only, flour for all purposes and flour is soft, which, in my opinion, is better because it has a low protein content and about this the preparations that we create are more fluffy and airy. Try and have a cake with the addition of baking powder (about 1 full and glycerin. for each Cup). Whatever recipe he asks for the zest of lemon, orange, etc. we must make sure that the fruit does not fall into the paraffin (they are omitted in paraffin), because they cause damage.

We care if we don’t have a lot of sizes, shapes, and cake dough to cover it from the dishes. We can, if we want to use and ταψάκια. If we want to make cupcakes, we use metal cupcake molds or silicone ones. Always σιμιζάρουμε, i.e. fat and flour are very good to the container in which we will bake. I emphasize to you that it would be good to use baking paper in the base, because some of them are more complicated. In addition to easily ξεφορμάρισμα, the σιμιζάρισμα helps slides on the walls of the cake as it rises and inflates. Also, we can replace flour with cocoa, grated cookies or breadcrumbs.

Attention, when you fill out the form, do not use drops from the cake mix, because they are baked instantly and prevent the cake to rise with ease in the cake mix. We never forget to make extra flour out of the mold. Cakes don’t want a poly kick. Whisk the butter with the sugar for at least 5 minutes, until it becomes more ethereal and fluffy, so that your cake melts with the sugar first, and secondly the air bubbles in the oil cell. From time to time, we put solid materials, we take care that we are hard to connect. The stronger the punch and the pie mixture, the more chewy, more compact, dense and with less volume will come out after baking the cake.

Easy, affordable and delicious homemade cakes

When I mix solid and liquid materials, for example, alternately flour with milk, I do it gradually, in 3 solid phases and 2 liquid phases. I always start and finish with hard ones. This helps to make the dough more correctly. We leave the pies (small or large), for 3 – 4 days σκεπασμένα outside the refrigerator, if they do not have any cream, otherwise we serve them covered in the refrigerator. We must be using excellent raw materials for a perfect result. To see, for example, if my eggs are fresh, dip them in a bowl of water. If submerged, it is φρέσα if they float stale.

For a cake with less fat, you can replace half the fat substance (butter or butter) with low-fat yogurt. Will give the cake moisture you need without the fat. You can also if you want to experiment delicious to replace milk, yogurt, cheese of the kind, cream, sour milk or fruit juices. In addition, the amount of flour can be replaced with cocoa, semolina or ground nuts. Another secret is to use 1 Cup instead of 1 yogurt. milk with 1, etc. c vinegar. Mix well, and as a delicious result you will have something between yogurt and sour milk.

If in one simple cake to replace the classic vanilla capsule with liquid vanilla the difference in taste is unique.-Also, do not forget that a pinch of salt in the cake, like all sweets, I allow you to throw your taste. We always read the entire recipe first and prepare the dishes and materials we use. We calculate the materials and we are ready on the table. Don’t forget that weighing materials in a high-precision scale, especially on sweets, cake is the surest way to have absolute success.

Salty cake is a simpler Friday.

What you should remember is that the dough falls more easily than a spoon. There is that is the texture of a pie spoon. You can correct the dough structure of a single salted cake by adding a little cheese or a little flour. If you want more liquid, add a little olive oil or a little orange juice. In addition, ground or grated vegetables, for example. onions, carrots, zucchini, leeks, peppers, gives moisture, but also a new taste in classic cheesecakes. The secrets of the cake, however, do not end after eating a delicious and fluffy cake, first make sure that for proper baking. Remember that: The oven should be well warmed. We start lighting it up to warm it up well and after that we calculate the materials.

From my experience, from the way the cake that I baked, I believe that the most correct baking becomes on the resistors, in the last grill oven, around them 170 ° C. in the air I cook, usually only individual cupcakes, because this is a small amount.If the temperature is low, the result will be a cake without a layer with a sticky texture. If instead the oven temperature is too strong, you quickly color the outside, not the inside cooked correctly, make a lot of cracks on the surface and just take, the volume will drop.The cake baked above time was dry in appearance and very dry to the touch.

Do not open the oven door if you have not passed the first half hour, because the cake will « sit » and will not swell.

One cake baked when the house and the cake me falls off the walls, has a reset when we squeeze and has a Golden brown color. You will see when the knife is in the center, it will come out dry. After you bake the cake, let it stand for 5-10στη form. Then, grill the meat until it cools down evenly. Conversely, if you bake cup cutlets, immediately as soon as you pull out of the oven ξεφορμάρουμε, because the heat in the syrup continues to bake and dry.

To avoid crumbling the cake crumbs when cut, dip the knife in hot water and wipe well before cutting. When it comes to apply the cake, dust first well, with a clean brush. If you want the cake to be covered with icing or a shiny cake, lightly heat the surface with either a blowtorch or a hair dryer. Follow these tips and enjoy your cake, delicious and interesting like never before! And remember that I am always here to share my knowledge and my secrets! Good luck! You still have questions for baking a cake; In the article you will find more information about the most common mistakes we make when baking a cake, and how to avoid them!

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