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What is the place of bread in a balanced diet?

Rye bread: Made from rye flour, which has a high fiber content, many common types ofbread, and is often darker in color. It may have a light or dark color, depending on the type of bread used and the addition of pigment, and is usually denser than bread made from wheat flour and has more dietary fiber.

Other types of bread from different Nations are the Mexican tortilla, the Eastern ones, the Italian ciabatta, and the tuberculosis, a kind of ζυμαριού, which you use differently in each kitchen. What is the place of bread in a balanced diet; Cereals along with fruits and vegetables are at the heart of the Mediterranean pyramid and should be included in every meal basically. In particular, for cereals, it is desirable to use in the form of ανεπεξέργαστη, with two portions of food for lunch, or in the form of bread, or macaroni, rice, couscous, etc. (3) What is the caloric value; 1 slice of toast (30γρ) white bread or wholegrain has approximately: 70 calories

the only difference is that the second one contains a higher percentage of fiber.

Let’s not forget also all the bread derivatives that we consume, not we understand the caloric value of them. We see that bread is an integral part of a balanced diet and, of course, a couple of slices are not so many calories, which can lead to excess weight. So I don’t need to do that. However, like most foods in a balanced diet, you need to take a measure of consumption here.

How much can I eat;

Each of us has different needs to meet in everyday life, so it is not a General rule about how much bread we consume only specialized instructions. However, the following tips we can make sure that we are eating as much as necessary:  We accompany with bread at lunch when there is no other source of cereal. For example, with λαδερό food, with legumes or some kind of κρεατικό. In addition, we avoid having to combine with starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn.

Careful of the bread that is “hiding” in various fast food and snacks. Many times with a sandwich from the oven or some crackers at work we already exceed our daily limit. We limit our habit to bread. We have 1-2 slices next to us and the rest should not even be on the table. I’ll say, rather, it’s their bread in sauce or salad in oil. Sometimes it helps that we buy individual buns so that we have a better amount of what we eat.

We choose either whole grain or whole wheat toast more often than white.

So remember that the answer is to the amount of bread we consume. There is no reason to have one as a staple food, it is enough to maintain a balance on consumption. Recently, interest has turned to the educational part of the diet, and so has the adult Education Department at the national University of Athens with the goal to teach and instruct people with the same interest in the diet. Finally, he works as a nutritionist, offering his services to everyone who wants to change their attitude to food once and for all and will love themselves again.

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